Reality Check Memo To The #STOPSESTA #SEXWORKERS From Twitter’s Red Light District.




#SESTA is a Bill in Washington called “Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers”.   And a very few “Sex Workers” and “Adult Pornography Stars” have taken violent opposition to this Bill.

Sex trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. … Sex trafficking is a hidden crime as victims rarely come forward to seek help because of language barriers, fear of the traffickers, and/or fear of law enforcement.  And many of the children forced into this culture are vulnerable homeless children.

The Bill takes aim at a website called #Backpage. Which is a Sex Trafficking Crime Syndicate that was launched in the classified section of the Village Voice, using the failing paper as a front so they could claim the trafficking was “Freedom of Speech”.  They were eventually making 135 million a year and much of it off the backs of children being sold for sex.  In fact, the statistics for child sex trafficking rose 850% in just five years after it launched.

Watch the I Am Jane Doe Film for more information on that.

As the #SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers) Bill makes its way to the Senate Twitter is abuzz with a few prostitutes and sex traffickers protesting the Bill.

One day, I would like to understand why some working prostitutes that are thrilled with their life and are living their dream, feel sex traffickers must be allowed to run rampantly through a society as predators and domestic terrorists in unchecked abandon, for the “sex worker” to “feel safe” and promote their “craft”.

On the other hand, because some “sex workers” feel the demand to have sex traffickers and permit them as a plague, perhaps they might come to some kind of understanding that this is why prostitution is illegal.  “Sex Workers” that come to demand and expect society to have a tolerance for slavery and terrorism,  not to mention adultery and violence, are generally considered a liability to the rest.  And to expect of a society to write off children as collateral damage as the cost of doing business is an unreasonable expectation.

The few  “sex workers” protesting about legislation to curb sex trafficking, are not paying income taxes as “sex workers” and probably have some undeclared income to settle up with the I.R.S. before they start marching on Washington for “sex worker rights” which apparently, include protecting sex traffickers.

Meanwhile, every taxpayer in America is paying for the millions of dollars annually that our tax dollars spent on law enforcement, rehabilitation, and damage control brought on by sex traffickers. And some non-tax paying “sex workers” feel the rest of America should just eat the expense.

But honest people have rights too.

Children and women that have been victimized and terrorized by sex traffickers, who are trying to recover from the trauma and address their oppressors, are not doing anything illegal and they are not evading taxes.

Women and children being used by sex traffickers don’t get paid a dime for labor.  And if they do try to pocket a dollar and they are caught by their trafficker life becomes a new kind of hell for them. And if they do not want to work or do not make quotas life becomes a new kind of hell for them. And if they want to quit they have to move to another state or across the country on their thumb, penniless.

Prostition and tax evasion are still illegal.  So what exactly are “sex worker” rights? They have a right to an attorney.

Obstructing justice while they have their own unresolved legal issues with justice, is just an indicator of how blind a few have become to their own conditions.

The #STOPSESTA Rampage












I’ll spare you the rest. But I will suggest to the ladies pleading with their Johns to call their Senators on your behalf, that to ask that is to ask them to go buy a burner phone. This is exactly what kind of “customer support” you can expect from your “sex worker” franchise.

The next time you find yourself miseducated and misinformed, and herded into some nonsensical madness to obstruct justice, consider the ringleader is on Payola from #Backpage for the propaganda campaign.

Not to mention she is mentally ill with Sadistic Personality Disorder. And you, are being exploited for profit by a multi-million dollar Sex Trafficking Crime Syndicate. And of course, her, the one pimping you all over Twitter for #Backpage.



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P.S. A message from the reformCDA (Communications Decency Act) Which #SESTA #FOSTA is supposed to fix.