Tony Ortega Busted Lying To The Press In Child Sex Trafficking / Slavery Cover Up


Ashton Kutcher


When Tony Ortega was sent to New York to manage the Village Voice Newspaper, it was already so worthless, the new owners started giving it away, for free. 

You can read more about that here:

So, the purpose of the paper, was not to sell papers!  Nope, it was for using the paper as a front for Backpage sex classifieds.  And Tony Ortega was holding up that front.  Which is one reason nobody cared how he used the paper as a front. And Tony Ortega did take liberties.  Such as the one right above attacking Kutcher for having enough courage and integrity to speak out about the child sex slave trade the Village Voice was fronting. You know, it almost reminds me of a Freedom Magazine Cover.

Never mind, this is not a critic for a free flyer, which is what the Village Voice newspaper became, under Tony Ortega.


Again, Never mind, this is not a critic for a free flyer, which is what the Village Voice newspaper became, under Tony Ortega.

With wide spread scandal about child sex trafficking, as Ortega kept that front holding strong, while Backpage, it’s classifieds section,  ballooned into the largest on line brothel in the world, Ortega eventually went to the front door of his office to find protesters. See photos above.

On May 03 2012 Tony Ortega watched as the top companies pulled their advertising from the Village Voice over the notorious child sex trafficking victims overflowing into the court systems.  It seems the people on the streets protesting were aware of what was going on, and the companies withdrawing their names from the Village Voice such as  Starbucks, were aware. So were the city counsel members and Brooklyn’s District Attorney  who said in two years he had had 40 sex trafficking cases and 70 percent of them involved ads on

Nevertheless, Tony Ortega unashamed, and feeling no remorse, released a harsh reprimand accusing all concerned of trying to extort funding from Congress.  That included the children who were raped and pimped and used as sex slaves. Yes, all of those concerned had selfish and evil hidden agendas. But not Tony Ortega!

A true warrior on the front line, holding up the front!

“We’re being told that there’s a widespread, growing and out-of-control problem to fear in our country. And it has a catchy name: ‘trafficking,'” wrote Tony Ortega, editor-in-chief of The Village Voice, in an editorial last year. “The actual data behind this ‘epidemic’ is wanting in the extreme. It involves guesses by activist professors, junk science by nonprofit groups trying to extract money from Congress, and manipulation by religious groups hiding their real agendas about sex work.”


Even the Daily Beast must have been hallucinating?

Year after year, Backpage continued to come under fire. Attorneys general from 48 states wrote a letter asking Village Voice Media to take down Backpage’s adult ads, citing “the company’s facilitation of the sexual exploitation of children.” The letter continued, “We have tracked more than 50 instances, in 22 states over three years, of charges filed against those trafficking or attempting to traffic minors on Backpage. These cases often involve runaways ensnared by adults seeking to make money by sexually exploiting them. In some cases, minors are pictured in advertisements.”

Probably just more “junk science” ?  Even though their photos were on Backpage. Right.

During one of these protests when someone finally did get the hiding Ortega to make a comment, Ortega tried to pretend the Village Voice actually was not connected to backpage. And that he and his building and employees were not tied to Backpage.

Tony Ortega told a reporter from ” The Gawker” on November 16, 2011:

As for the protests today, I wish them the best of luck. No one who actually works in this office has anything to do with Backpage, but still, I understand why they picked our building.

I repeat :  “No one who actually works in this office has anything to do with Backpage, …” Tony Ortega

However, shortly after the Village Voice Owners kicked Ortega to the curb, they separated Village Voice from Backpage, in a corporate shill game.  And the Village Voice Owners and executives admitted themselves, September 24, 2012 as they played the corporate shill game, there was a marriage between the two, and there was going to be a separation.  You can read all about it here:

After the above article hit the net,  Ortega tweets later in the day:


Hmmmmm, that doesn’t sound to me (Not that Ortega was actually fooling anyone in New York) that Backpage had “nothing to do with anyone at the Village Voice.”

In fact, Tony Ortega too, admits it was a marriage. When he is not confronting protesters. After he has departed from the employment and the company.
“I helped turn a weekly newspaper with a Web site into a digital enterprise.” Tony Ortega bragged to the New York Times September 24, 2012



Nation Of Islam Takes The Higher Ground With Blogger Stalker Tony Ortega


Last month I did a podcast interview with a  member from Nation of Islam about the years of blogging assaults on Islam, Muslims, and Nation of Islam, from blogger Tony Ortega.

I just received the transcripts from our podcast, so I could publish them here.  Many thanks and much appreciation to Brenda Rogers for typing it up and polishing it up for the purpose of publishing it here. And keeping it relevant to Tony Ortega’s stalking.


T.O.  :   What concerns you, if at all, about this fixation Ortega seems to have with Islam and N.O.I.? I Googled “Tony Ortega Nation of Islam” this morning to – About 413,000 results (0.39 seconds)

N.O.I.  Member : He has made some efforts to turn us against one another and stir up animosity towards us.  However, I think he should concern you more than he does us.

T.O. :  I think it does, but why do you say that?

N.O.I.   Member:  No. This guy takes kicks at us when he can, however, you think about it, … he attacks white people daily.  So your people are taking the biggest beating. Laughs.

T.O. : Laughs ….  never looked at it that way, O.K..

N.O.I.  Member:  Laughs …. Give yourself some time to see it for what it is, you, ….. maybe on some level ,  you knew.

T.O. :  But, being from New York, doesn’t it bother you when he goes after your group?   New York is a city where you can be what you want to be.  It’s famous for that.

N.O.I.  Member: No. I mean. Ortega is not not not from New York.  He is not a New Yorker. He came up here from the deep south right?  Florida?

T.O. :  He was down south before he came to New York,   Yeah.  But he is a Southern California native.

N.O.I.  Member: Right. Key word,  south.  Not unusual for southern folk to stomp on blacks. So, in the big picture he does not stand out for us.  Perhaps in Florida he could organize a small posse.  However, not here in New York.  Not even in Southern California.  He has bigger issues with whites.  Like I pointed out, he is mainly invested in attacking white people.

You, brought up…. we talked about this, “I am Jane Doe Film”.  This has been a situation for decades over here.  Black women, Latinos and Puerto Rican women have been exploited and abused for decades in this way.  And their children.




N.O.I. Member:  Not Muslims.  Not Nation of Islam people.  you see, huh?  The predatory elements extend out to middle America and the suburbs and suddenly it is of national concern.

NOTE _ During the Years Tony Ortega was running the Village Voice Newspaper, it was actually being used as a front group for  An on line resource for pimps to engage in human trafficking and sex slavery, and child sex trafficking.  See  for more information.




N.O.I. Member: Who was Ortega preying on, and these investors into that publication, women and children.  That is what they were selling.  Large scale , huh, I looked at the figures.  Village Voice’s Backpage acquired over 90% of their profits from prostitution at about 50 million a year. We’re speaking of roughly two million a month.  So, now this is a white community plague.  That, you know…. this goes way beyond 110th street in New York. Ortega doesn’t even live in New York anymore. You said he is out in Scarsdale right?

T.O.: Right.

N.O.I.  Member:  So, No.  He is out of the scandal he left behind for New Yorkers.  For us.  um.. back on topic because I know you tend to rant on this issue, and I know ……

N.O.I. Member:  O.K., anyway, He isn’t undermining the Nation Of Islam.  He’s undermining the nation of white folk.  He has been unemployed for some time is that correct?

T.O.: He was hired a few times for some Internet gigs, well, editing.  Those were short lived.

N.O.I. Member: Right,  however, for the most part he has been unemployed for years right? So, you can’t live in New York City unemployed.  I think,…because you know, you are what they call an “empath”,  you ha, you don’t think or calculate through life, you feel through it.  Like a blind person on some level.

T.O. : Ouch. Hey………

N.O.I. Member:  No. It’s not like that. No. See. Your eyes don’t play tricks on you.  See this is what I’m talking about.

T.O. Hmmm.

N.O.I.  Member:  So you, you think he is feeling too, when he is just calculating.

T.O. : Tony Ortega?

N.O.I.  Member:  Right. He was working his way out of a job and he sets up this blog, why? He needed money right?  See, he has been hoping someone is going to come along waving a check book, and pay him to go away.  This blog it, it was a business investment for him.  This is just a businessman.

T.O. : Extortionist? Laughs.

N.O.I. Member:  He ,  he gets angrier all the time. He recently tweeted  that there are only 20 thousand  members left in that place.  His chances for profit, if he, if he can convince them to buy him out and go away……. see?   Time is running out. This dude he …..  he’s got another angle here.  This is business. And we know he’s running a game.  Hey,  he is not the only person out here expecting to get paid to go away.  These people in the Church of Scientology, asking for money, asking the congregation … no I didn’t say that, ….  laughs.  Asking the members for money, what are they doing?  They are hassling members for money until someone pays them to go away.

So, it’s a trick, a method.  It works some of the time. He’s probably, you know, is discouraged because because he’s been at it for a long time, what .. four or five years?

T.O. :  Yes.

N.O.I. Member:   And,  nobody is waving a check book and this, this is probably his source of frustration and anger. Hey, some of his followers, and this, this is way out there.  I was directed to that last blurb, where he took on N.O.I., and, huh,  he is attacking white people, all day long.  Every day all week for most of his journalistic career O.K.,  and uh, some white lady who seems to live on his blog, she ,  she is responding to his blog blurb, and she is saying she ….  is saying that N.O.I. scares her.  Why?  We aren’t attacking white people all day long, he is and she is.  What if I was, you know, posting on a blog every day doing that because I am a black man, I would be called a menacing racist and….laughs ……. this is what I’m talking about when I say these people, their eyes play tricks on them.

T.O.:  Oh, O.K. I get it.

N.O.I. Member:  O.K.?

T.O. :  I see, right,  wow, ………….  o.k. .

N.O.I. :  Member:  O.K..

N.O.I.  Member:  So, Ortega graduated from California State University,  in Fullerton California. That University is designated as a Hispanic-serving institution.  A Hispanic-serving institution is an institution participating in a federal funded program to assist colleges or universities in the United States, that assist first generation, majority low income Hispanic students.

T.O. :  He claims to be half Mexican. He doesn’t say what the other half is.

N.O.I.  Member:  Right.  His, education …… that was obtained as a Hispanic.  And who knows what baggage he brought from California to the East Coast?  His father is Mexican then, because of the last name.  His mother could be Spanish or any other race. However, growing up in Southern California,  it’s not an easy path for Mexicans.  Or  immigrants or Latinos. And they are exploited by the whites.

T.O. :  Exactly.  California belonged to Mexico at one time.

N.O.I.  Member:  Right. So when he took over at the Village Voice,  the women and blacks  were erased from the ,  …. taken out of commission there.  According to the news links you sent me.

T.O.:   Yeah I mean, other news outlets even wrote about it in New York.


N.O.I.  Member:  Still, the people following him, see, he can make them afraid of N.O.I. while attacking white people every day, and they do not have a problem with him doing that. They prefer it in fact, he is there to “take down” people for them right?

T.O. :  Right.

N.O.I.  Member:  Why would they be afraid of N.O.I.?  Where is our history of violence against whites?  We have been around since July of 1930.  Nearly a century.  What have we torn down? Nothing, nobody. They have been spinning for four or five years and lay claim to driving that group so far low there are only twenty thousand survivors.

“I’m of the belief that Scientology is the poisonous tree and anything that falls from it is fruit of the poisonous tree.” Illinois Attorney and mother,  posting as “Chee Chalker”. – Tony Ortega supporter and follower.


N.O.I. Member :  Why are they afraid of us?  Where is our violent history?

T.O.: I don’t recall any.

N.O.I. Member:  We are a religious organization and we always have been.

T.O.:   So, O.K. so he was attacking N.O.I. before he went after the Scientologists.

N.O.I.  Member:  Scientologists are a white race right?

T.O. :   Ethnically. Yes. In the sense of belonging to a social group that has a common cultural and traditions.

N.O.I. Member:  O.K..

T.O. :   So how it did it go over when Ortega declared Reverend Farrakhan “A Looney” in the Village Voice ?

“As quite a few have noted, Farrakhan and the so-white-he-glows Hubbard seem an extremely unlikely pairing. But then, both ascribe to pretty outlandish theories of where people come from (look it up, I’m not getting bogged down in that here), and both also are loonier than fruitcakes.”   Tony Ortega Village Voice FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2011 AT 10:55 A.M.


N.O.I.  Member:  I missed that. I wasn’t even aware of it until you sent me your references. But that  says more about Ortega than Reverend Farrakhan?  That was not journalism and that is why Ortega is not writing for the Washington Post or the New York Times.



T.O.: Clarify?

N.O.I. Member:  To disrespect a this man,  Reverend Farrakhan, his wife and children. His Church in that way. Just poor taste and reflects on Ortega’s upbringing.  To be disrespectful in that way.  Newspapers don’t want that. Poor taste.  It did more to hurt Ortega than anyone from N.O.I..  We are a religious group.  Not a military group. Ortega is the militant and so are his followers.  He is a straight up militant in every sense of the word.  His followers fear us?  Why? We aren’t the militants in this picture.


T.O. :  Right.  When he went back to Fullerton and the protesters were outside…

N.O.I. Member:  And those were his own people protesting out there.  He is not a hero to those University students.

T.O.: Right. But those kids were calling him out on the mat.

N.O.I. Member:  Yes.  They were ashamed of him.

T.O. :  But it didn’t seem to phase him.

N.O.I. Member:  Right.  However it speaks well for that university. Those young people are educated and aware. Socially conscious and responsible. They are still in school and facing the burdens of fixing things in society that are very wrong.


T.O. :  These are interesting times with immigration and Trump , California in particular with Cal Exit and Trump sending in ICE and threatening to with hold federal funding from the state. These are golden opportunities for a professional journalist to really matter. To really do something to help people and use their craft to bring about change and hope. These are hard times for immigrants and Muslims.  Ortega follows Trump’s lead and adds to the burden.  You mentioned “militant” and I had a hard time wrapping my head around that so, I pulled it up here, the definition and meaning.   “A militant person. Combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods.”  So,  the goal is , “takedown”  Scientologists.  And I can only assume Nation of Islam is a second target, I see your point.

It is interesting that he, and his followers point to N.O.I. as the militants up for fair game. Having grown up and lived in neighborhoods that always had a population of Muslims in New York. The clean social and living habits and healthy wholesome disciplines of Muslims exceed the Mormons.

N.O.I. Member:  True that. But it is not difficult to get people tripping when their eyes and ears play tricks on them.  We remain focused on our, our challenges and struggles. When a blogger wakes up in the morning and decides to add to it, …… huh, this, this becomes such a small influence against the weight of our other burdens.  We just don’t want to take it there.

Many other positive strides that need to be implemented throughout every single day, for us to survive and overcome.  It is easy for us to just embrace that small pain and pass through it.  I can’t think of one person I know, who would bother to engage.  We never have and never will.  He doesn’t see us.  His followers do not see us.

T.O.: What do they see?

N.O.I. Member:  I can only imagine.  Laughs.  Their eyes are playing tricks on them.  You feel me now?

T.O.:  I feel you.   Laughs.

N.O.I.  Member:  Laughs.








New York City’s Disgrace. BOOM! Tony Ortega’s Backpage Promotional Material Attested To Having 14 Year Old Girls In Stock , For Sale.




Mother Opens Up About Finding Her Missing 14-Year-Old Daughter In the Escort Section Of Classified Ad Website Backpage.

A mother has spoken out after finding her missing teenage daughter being sex trafficked on classified advertising website, Backpage.  The adult classifieds section of the Village Voice.

Kubiiki Pride’s 14-year-old daughter had been missing for nine months in 2009 until one night she found the girl while scrolling on the ‘escorts’ section.

Pride said she had been up at 4.30am desperately searching for her daughter when she made the discovery.

After finding her daughter’s picture among other listings, Pride has opened up about ‘one of the most painful experiences’ she has faced, saying her daughter is ‘still broken’.

The documentary filmmaker Mary Mazzio interviewed some of the more than a hundred thousand American children who are being trafficked. Both Pride and her daughter are interviewed.

I will continue to be at every theater opening through April, 2017. 

I AM JANE DOE  chronicles the epic battle that several American mothers are waging on behalf of their middle-school daughters, victims of sex-trafficking on, the adult classifieds section that for years was part of the Village Voice. 

Reminiscent of Erin Brockovich and Karen Silkwood, these mothers have stood up on behalf of thousands of other mothers, fighting back and refusing to take no for an answer.

It is a gut-wrenching human story and fresh look at a social and legal issue that affects every community in America.

 I am Jane Doe  (and/or Backpage – The Aftermath)




Academy-Award Nominee

Jessica Chastain


Award-winning Director

Mary Mazzio


Mary Mazzio


Academy-Award Nominee

Alec Sokolow

“a gripping legal thriller”  – Esquire

“a powerful call to action” – The Los Angeles Times

“a viscerally emotional case” – The Washington Post

“especially impressive… a powerful piece of work” – Elle

“striking… powerful”  – The Film Journal




50% of all profits will be donated to organizations which serve Jane Doe children

Dates previewed thus far



New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, Seattle, Philadephia

MARCH 17-23


Harkins Theater – Camelview at Fashion Square 14

Phoenix AZ



If you wish to host a screening, please email us at

Reviews and Press

New Documentary I Am Jane Doe Focuses on Victims’ Fight Against Online Child Sex Trafficking

 You can watch the entire film here:

Will be streaming on Netflix shortly.



Backpage “exists solely so that people can freely express themselves—sometimes in ways that make other people uncomfortable. We’re First Amendment extremists that way. Always have been.”  Tony Ortega

What a crafty way to describe your occupation as a digital pimp. Profiting off the misery of women and children.




The Morning Show – Fake News – Scams Viewers in Australia With Tony Ortega



Absurdist Theater




Looks can be deceiving.  The Morning Show enterprise in Australia displayed a man best known to many in the United States as a child sex slave criminal, as “The world’s leading authority” on the Church of Scientology.

Ortega, known to many as a former Village Voice / Backpage adults section employee, sat comfortably and demurely on a couch in Australia posing as the “world’s leading expert” on the Church of Scientology.

Tony Ortega has never been involved with Scientology in any way and knows as much about it as anyone else that has never been involved with it.  He has never been in a Church of Scientology. He is a blogger in New York City that has watched the news and developed a network of informants to publish blog posts about events related to Scientologists and the Church.

This is what the squeaky clean “The Morning Show” in Australia, is serving up to it’s viewers for breakfast:




The Village Voice fires back on Ashton Kuchter

“He is a technically literate, if ill-informed, advocate.  Kutcher made his bones playing the prankster, dummy, and stoner.” June 29, 2011

Editor’s note:  June 29, 2011
Congress hauled in Craigslist on September 15, 2010. There, feminists, religious zealots, the well-intentioned, law enforcement, and social-service bureaucrats pilloried the online classified business for peddling 100,000 to 300,000 underage prostitutes annually.

Those same numbers had already inspired terrified politicians, who let loose hundreds of millions of dollars in the past decade to prohibitionists bent on ending the world’s oldest profession.

The Craigslist beat-down was absurdist theater.

The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security hearing on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking culminated with the humbled attorneys from Craigslist announcing that they would close down their adult classified business.

The First Amendment was shouted down in the name of children.

Village Voice Media watched with more than passing interest.

From its earliest days, the Village Voice has run adult classifieds. Today, those classifieds are hosted online at

Having run off Craigslist, reformers, the devout, and the government-funded have turned their guns upon Village Voice Media.

Solicited by advocates, such websites as Huffington Post and The Daily Beast and others in the mainstream media raised the alarm that America’s children have been enslaved in prostitution, thanks to the Internet.

It is true that Village Voice Media has a stake in this discussion.



Tony Ortega and the “Scientology Expert” Scam.



It is disturbing watching the con artists currently running this scam on society. What is more disturbing is that most of the people who are fully aware of it, are permitting the scam to continue without mentioning it.

I have been wondering why and it would seem those folk have some agenda, to profit off of other people’s ignorance.  And keep them in the dark.

So it is on me to clarify a few misunderstandings that make it possible for these frauds to confound and confuse society.

Scientology is not a person.

Scientology is not a building.

Scientology is not the Sea Organization.

Scientology is not the spaghetti monster.

Scientology is not David Miscavige or any person.

Scientologists are not Scientology. They are people studying the subject of Scientology.

Scientology is a subject, like mathematics, electronics, agriculture.  And it is a new subject organized by L. Ron Hubbard.

And what it is is simply this,  D.I.Y.  mental health.  Do It Yourself Mental Health.  Except you can not actually do it yourself, you need one other person to have a conversation with.

It is a system of asking a person a question, and getting an answer. And through those conversations, improving one’s outlook on life.  By learning more about yourself.

It is no more complex than that.  There are no “experts”.  Just explorers.   You read, you put someone in front of you, you ask questions and they answer. And that is all it is, conversations meant to bring about fresh understanding.  Just like every therapy, it revolves around a conversation between two people.

The idea was to train people in an elementary way that they could help one another through conversation.

Have people exploited it and misused it?  Yes.

Have people exploited and misused sugar? Yes.

Is Tony Ortega a Scientology expert? No he is not. Tony Ortega has never studied the subject or used it.

Is David Miscavige a Scientology expert?  No he is not, he dabbled in it briefly.

Are there any experts?

No, it was exploration and Hubbard himself could not think with a lot of it.

Is it a religion?  I had my own religion when I explored Scientology and Scientology did not become my religion, and I did not see it as a religion in any way shape or form. That said, I have known men that thought women were a religion.  If someone wants to claim DIY mental health is religion for them, it does not bother me. I can let them have that.

Is it a cult? No.  It is a subject.

Is the Sea Organization a cult?  Yes.

What is the Church of Scientology?  It can be a building in a city or corporation papers.

Scott Pilutik says,  “I’m a recognized expert on the Church of Scientology organization.”  What does that mean?  It could only mean he studied corporation documents for one of the groups.  However, the buildings and groups are all over the planet in many different countries under many different conditions.  Maybe he is claiming to be an expert about all of these corporations across the globe and all of the laws that apply to them in different settings. He does not say who recognizes him as an expert.  The claim is vague and misleading enough for me to recognize him as a fraud and a con artist.

Some people say it is hypnotism, is it?   I was not hypnotized by it or with it.  But many folk are hypnotized by the waitress when she hands them a menu and asks them to choose something from it.  They simply comply.

Some people are hypnotized by stop signs. They see them and they just stop!  Some people are hypnotized by the parking garage, they enter and just feel compelled to park! So if someone says they were hypnotized by someone asking them questions, I will trust they were.

Are all Scientologists the same?   No.  No two are the same, there is distance between them.

Can someone be in the Sea organization and not be involved in Scientology?  When I explored Scientology most of the people in the Sea Organization were not involved in Scientology at all.  They were just working for David Miscavige for an allowance.

Why would someone be in the Sea Organization who was not interested in Scientology?  Why do some people join the army when they have no interest in killing?   Perks.  Sea organization people do not get money but they may be looking for other perks.  Uniforms, housing, experience, adventure, domination, travel,  extended family, citizenship papers, belonging,  company, conversation and other forms of valuable exchange for them. There is also “identity”.  Sea Organization Member is an identity. If you like being a big fish in a little puddle, you can dazzle other Scientologists with your Sea Organization Member identity.   Some folks are not comfortable in their own skin.

Why do Sea Organization members get paid so little?  David Miscavige does not believe in profit sharing.

Is the Sea Organization member a volunteer?  They volunteer not to be a volunteer.  There is nothing voluntary about being in the Sea Organization.  You are told where to sleep, where to eat, what to eat, when to eat, when to sleep. What to wear, where to work, how to work and what hours and location. You must do any job asked of you. Do people volunteer to live that way?  Yes.

Why is there so much controversy around Scientology?   Because of David Miscavige and the Sea Organization members and how they abused each other and terrorized the Scientology community.

What do you think destroyed Scientology?   The Sea Organization members, under the command of David Miscavige, collectively.

Why would you think that?  Because there is very little noise or complaints coming from  groups of Scientologists or people studying Scientology, outside of and away from the Sea Organization, unless they are under some attack from the Sea Organization.

Are Sea Organization members and Scientologists in the same group?   No.  And you do not have to be a Scientologist to join the Sea Organization. Sea Organization members frown on Scientologists in general for being “low rank” and not a part of the cult. This explains why Sea Organization members can leave the cult, and complain about it being Scientology, when it is not, and make life difficult for Scientologists, and it is not an issue for them.  They never liked Scientologists who were not in the Sea Organization.  The Sea Organization member has higher rank than the Scientologist, in the Church.

Is the Sea Organization a religious order?  I found them to be blatantly irreligous.  Just low paid workers with high “rank”.

That doesn’t sound right?   It isn’t right, it is all wrong.  And the ones complaining the loudest about Scientology, are former Sea Organization members!

Why don’t the Scientologists rebel?   They do, by walking away and finding something else to do.  The Sea Organization members are the ones that have trouble reinventing themselves as “ordinary people” after being the “highest rank”.   And those people work for basically free in exchange for that rank.  It means everything to them.

Why are Sea Organization members begging for money from Scientologists?  David Miscavige turned them into beggars.

Why are Sea Orgaization members begging called registrars when they are not registering anyone for anything?    They have “rank” so they do not want to admit hey are begging.

Does someone have to become a Scientologist to explore Scientology?  No.  I didn’t.

What aren’t people getting?   I have found Scientologists to be well meaning and intelligent people for the most part.  They are being bullied because it is part of their code not to speak to the press. I am speaking for them because I am sick of the lies and con artists and scams going on for which they are carrying the burden.

Most of the people who explore Scientology start with the Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health book.  So they have issues with mental health to begin with, they want to resolve. I find it noble that someone just doesn’t throw themselves on a couch and toss a check at someone to figure it out for them.  They at least make the effort to figure out and resolve their own issues.   Many people also do not have money for therapy.  This is your average Scientologist, just trying to improve conditions for himself.

Your average Sea Organization Member,  and I am merciful in my assessment, at least half of them are not as intelligent as you would hope someone given responsibility would be.  They have very limited skill sets.  Many would not know how to fill out a lease to rent an apartment.  And they think they are the solution already. They don’t even confront their own mental health issues. They think they are Gods and rulers over the Scientologists.  It is all a big mess, Hubbard’s worse mistake was to create that group.

And your average well intention ed Scientologist, who could be anyone you might bump into during your day, is paying the price for the Sea Organization insanity, abuse and madness.  And this is straight up injustice. Not to mention horrible mathematics and unworkable dynamics.

These are the conversations that are going improve conditions and put people closer to the truth.  Not how Tom Cruise spent his Saturday night.  That is not Scientology. Not inventing lies and describing Scientology as a person.  This is piling on the insanity. How sane is it to go on national television or on any social media and lie to millions of viewers and mislead them?  You think that is sane?

Some members of the Nation of Islam are trying to help themselves with Dianetics.  There is not one story of abuse from the quarter, but look at how they are getting targeted now by the anti Scientology community.  Is that just?  Is that justice or injustice. It is injustice and insanity and bullying.

You know, there is a lot of rank to be had in just being a fair person and being able to care about the people you share this world with.

So what is the solution?  Marty Rathbun was the solution for a while there,  with the Independent Movement and separating Scientologists out from under the oppression of the Sea Organization.  He did make it possible to go independent and be independent as a Scientologist. It was not possible before Marty to be out in the open and practice rogue.

Marty took a lot of heat himself from the Sea Organization.  And then former Sea Organization staff posing as Independents and Scientologists,  starting savatoging his efforts from the other end.

A Scientologist today is taking abuse from both ends. The Sea Organization on the right under David Miscavige, and and the anti Scientology movement on the left, under Karen De La Carriere and Tony Ortega.  There are some independent groups that are under the radar and surviving.  But they have a policy that no person that was ever in the Sea Organization is entered in.

The Nation of Islam is only being hit from the anti Scientology sector.  And I think it has more to do with the fact that they are black and Muslim than Dianetics. Dianetics is just the excuse.   With quotes like this from Ortega could anyone expect honest reporting for either N.O.I. or Scientologists?   “As quite a few have noted, Farrakhan and the so-white-he-glows Hubbard seem an extremely unlikely pairing. But then, both ascribe to pretty outlandish theories of where people come from (look it up, I’m not getting bogged down in that here), and both also are loonier than fruitcakes.”  Tony Ortega  

And I encourage you to read this article as Ortega mocks “Brother Jesse” in it. because you can see how sadistic Ortega became using the paper to humiliate, degrade and abuse others. Ortega seethes with viscous hatred.



He was fired right after tweeting this. Using their newspaper and twitter to bash Muslims? He was hired to edit, and keep the adult and child sex ads up and running, not publish his own articles attacking religious people.

No wonder corporate had to push him out of there. When you are too dirty and sadistic for the Village Voice,  your career has ended. Here is Ortega sex slave trafficking children with his left hand, and attacking a Reverend with his right.  And he is complaining about other people being “loonier than fruitcakes”? Like he is sane?

Is this sane, a man who has never been involved in Scientology in his life, sitting in front of millions of viewers posing as a “The World’s Leading Authority on Scientology”?  This is sanity?  This is just like the Sea Organization members pretending to be Gods. And Miscavige pretending to be a “religious leader”.  And De La Carriere pretending to be Queen.  This is sanity?



Expecting sanity from the mentally ill, you will always set yourself up for a loss.  Don’t expect it.  Expect insanity.




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Continuing our countdown of the top ten obsessions Scientology’s cult leaders share.

For or against Scientology, they share at least ten common obsessions.

1.  Ethnic Cleansing



David Miscavige’s Obsession

Ethnic cleansing is the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society,  with the intent of making it ethnically homogeneous.
Apparently the planet is not big enough for David Miscavige and others, who may be curious about the mind and mental health.
Every culture has it’s own occasional bad eggs, but according to Miscavige, we need “total obliteration” of psychiatry.
Reports from his former staff, indicate David Miscavige took advantage of the Church’s codes about not involving local police with Church disputes, to wallow in domestic abuse against his own tribe out in the desert where they were isolated.  Also during his inspections to other organizations.  This is akin to slapping a paralyzed person in a wheel chair, in the face over and over again.  As he whittled down the population in Church management until he became the self anointed “ecclesiastical leader” of the Church.
With his announcement of the “golden Age” under his hands, he cancelled the certificates of every Scientologist on the planet and obliterated an entire population of Scientology counselors.
In the early 1980’s he obliterated the Scientology mission network with his “finance police”.
Out in the California desert where he is parked in a “Scientologist only” community most of the time, the various groups beneath him are separated and people have been asked to divorce people who are not in their group, to maintain homogeneous identity.
By all accounts David Miscavige suffers from mental illness known as Sadistic Personality Disorder.  And the formal Scientology population is being governed by the mentally ill.

Karen De La Carriere’s Obsession

Karen De La Carriere was focused on the Muslim population prior to Scientologists.  Scientologists have become target #1.

While most people once they get comfortable and on top of life would choose to play golf, travel, garden, read books, and take comfort in the life’s many pleasures, Karen De La Carriere has devoted her life to a war on Scientologists that extends from California to South Africa and the Middle East.  Muslims are in line next.

Her ruthlessness in attacking Scientologists extends to the children of Scientologists.  She once orchestrated a media outing of the location of one wealthy couple’s children, blowing their security and setting them up for kidnappers and / or terrorists.

Taking advantage of the Church’s code that Scientologists should not talk to the media, she controls the narrative on Scientology through forums web sites and media, as they can not answer or fight back.  Again, akin to slapping a paralyzed person in a wheel chair, in the face, over and over again.   As she whittles down the Scientology population through domination of the media and thought control with the “Scientology” brand.



Tony Ortega’s Obsession



Apparently Tony Ortega can tolerate just about anything, but Scientologists rip him right out of his comfort zone.

Upon leaving the Village Voice he established a blog called “The Underground Bunker” and declared war on Scientologists.  And no person on Earth has devoted more time to eradicating Scientologists from civilization.

Like Miscavige and De La Carriere,  Tony Ortega takes advantage of Church codes that Scientologists do not speak to journalists, to control the media and narrative and exploit this handicap placed upon them.

He also is uncomfortable with the presence of Nation of Islam and stalks members as a second target. Targeting Reverend  Louis Farrakhan twice already this year with his blog headlines.

Ortega bragged of publishing 465 defamatory articles about Scientologists in the Village Voice prior to leaving.  Since then he has used his blog as a vehicle to daily harm, attack or suppress Scientologists.  No one has invested so much time in the extermination of this culture.  One co worker at the Village Voice told The Observer Ortega’s dismissal was a result of his rabid obsession attacking them.

“Though writing about Scientology may be Mr. Ortega’s life preserver, a former staffer told us his relentless pursuit of scoops on the controversial church may have been a distraction during his final months at the paper.

“He was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and had neglected almost all of his editorial duties at the paper,” the ex-staffer said. “Sometimes he wouldn’t even edit features.”

 Just last week one of Ortega’s loyal followers wrote, “I’m of the belief that Scientology is the poisonous tree and anything that falls from it is fruit of the poisonous tree.”  Chee Chalker

Shall we all be flattened into sameness?

Perhaps L. Ron Hubbard’s biggest mistake was in wholly discounting the value of others in research and curiosity about the mind and mental health. Assuming he was the only one able to “look and learn”  has destroyed his legacy. As it seems the entire field of Scientologists is being led, governed and controlled by the mentally ill.  All three are seemingly afflicted, with Sadistic Personality Disorder.



Continuing our countdown of the top ten obsessions Scientology’s cult leaders share.

For or against Scientology, they share at least ten common obsessions.

2.  Thought Control


David Miscavige’s Obsession

Through careful planning through out the year, and organized stage events.  Miscavige produces films and testimony and gathers his flock to guide them in thought.   These being carefully scripted events,  video taped to immortalize him, and shown through out the year in Scientology Organizations across the planet to Scientologists that were not able to attend the event.

Since Scientologists are discouraged from reading the Internet, and even provided with “Nanny software” in the event they must use the Internet, whereby they are prevented from seeing anything negative on the Internet about David Miscavige or Scientology.  This is how the flock are informed by Miscavige, about what they should think about what is going on in the world.

In 1996,  a decade after Hubbard had passed on, David Miscavige called his flick and announced Scientologists were now in a “Golden Age”, because of Miscavige figuring out all of Hubbard’s errors, and correcting them.  Thereby relegating Hubbard’s time, to a nickel age?

Books written and produced by Hubbard were cancelled and people were ordered to trash them or burn them, and buy David Miscavige’s edited books.

Staff from Scientology organizations were knocking on the doors of Scientologists and demanding they surrender any and all materials they had purchased, written by Hubbard for book burning.  Hubbard books, courses, checksheets and materials became contraband.  Even the emeters used during his time. Anything written, published or approved by Hubbard, was deemed illegal.

All people trained on the subject of Scientology during Hubbard’s life, were ordered to retrain from the bottom up.  On Miscavige’s terms.  This was Miscavige’s  self appointed new status as the world’s greatest authority on Scientology.

As, according to Miscavige,  because of Hubbard’s errors and mismanagement, the Scientology culture was like “The blind leading the blind”.

This created a mass exodus from the Church of Scientology at the time, as many in the culture had not become involved in Scientology to explore David Miscavige’s mind.  A rush was on to buy any original books written by Hubbard and Ebay was a scramble for many.   But it was Church shakedown and the ones left standing, were Miscavige devotees.

This also gave birth to the first Scientology “Independent” movement.  And The Underground Scientology Movement.

L. Ron Hubbard had been relegated to a museum on Hollywood Boulevard,  created by David Miscavige. It is called the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition.  Hubbard’s remains beyond his body are exhibited there. If you are traveling in California, you can catch a glimpse of Hubbard’s past.


Karen De La Carriere’s Obsession


Karen De La Carriere put a twist on the word “Scientology”,  by personifying it.  Turning it into an actual person.

Scientology was a subject, such as mathematics, science, history, philosophy.  It was a body of philosophy arranged by L. Ron Hubbard.  However, with Karen De La Carriere presenting herself as Queen of Scientology, it became an entity.  And this entity is something to survive, hence, her Youtube channel “Surviving Scientology”.

This would be akin to saying, “Surviving grammar studies” as a school subject. But for the uninformed (and Scientologists are a very small culture in population),  “Scientology” became an entity in public thought. When those thought are arranged in your head by Karen De La Carriere.

With headlines she created such as “Scientology Killed My Son”,  “Scientology Is Smearing Me Again….” ,  “Scientology wants YOU to borrow money to contribute to the Church of Scientology.”

Of all of the red flags and outpoints within the Sea Organization culture, that a person can spend more than 35 years immersed in it, and train to the highest level, and still walk out the front door not having a clue what Scientology is,  is truly remarkable and warrants it’s own exploration into human purpose and it’s power.

She has “Scientology”  as a person in her mind. And not just any person. A dangerous and malevolent person out to get you.


And she wants to form your thoughts about this Scientology entity on her Youtube channel.

download (1)

Or her blog.



Or on any television spot available.


Or on any documentary being filmed.


Or on any radio spot available.

BBC Radio interviews Karen De La Carriere


Talk Radio Europe Interviews Karen De La Carriere


Or on her Twitter account.

kadefameNot to mention her personal Facebook page, and her Facebook group page with her followers.  Where thought policing is tight, and thought control is relegated to herself and Tony Ortega.


In fact, anywhere there is a conversation going on about Scientology,  Karen wants to be there, and Karen De La Carriere wants to control the narrative on this entity called Scientology.  If there is not a conversation in progress, she will create one.



Tony Ortega’s Obsession


No person on Earth has preached more about Scientology than Tony Ortega.  He has delivered a sermon every day on his blog for years.


He is now billed a “Scientology expert” or, “The World’s Greatest Authority on Scientology”.

Interesting, since Tony Ortega has never studied Scientology or been involved with Scientology.

Petty details.  Tony Ortega, under Karen De La Carriere’s mentoring, has also personified Scientology into a menacing human being.  And he knows this person better than anyone.

We have yet to know from Tony Ortega is Scientology is a he or a she, but it is an entity.  He calls Scientology, “IT”.  And the subject has been relegated into an entity comparable to, well, the flying spaghetti monster.



His headlines read thus:

Scientology wastes no time making a move on the new president…

What Scientology is telling its members….

Scientology wants so badly to have some influence in national politics,….

Scientology: Not very effective in Washington politics, but it tries, tries …

Scientology wants Mike Rinder’s affidavit struck from the record…

Scientology wants to exploit you…..

Etc, etc etc.

At any rate, Tony Ortega wants you to know, Tony knows “It” and knows “It”,  better than anyone.



He considers it an entity and he considers himself the best person to educate people about it.  How convincing is Ortega?  Some people that actually were involved in Scientology and studied it,  follow him for knowledge about it!

In fact, anywhere there is a conversation going on about Scientology,  Tony Ortega wants to be there, and Tony Ortega wants to control the narrative on this entity called Scientology.  If there is not a conversation in progress, he will create one.

Daily, on his blog. Where his commentors and followers gather to applaud his daily sermon. Any poster going rogue with a viewpoint that differs from his is banned or verbally smacked down.


Or on any television spot he can manage.


Or any radio show he can manage.

On any live stage his followers can book for him.

In or near any documentary being filmed.


Not to mention his Facebook and Twitter accounts.