Leah Remini Partners With Tony Ortega, Of Backpage Child Sex Trafficking Syndicate.

Tony Ortega and Leah Remini
Seriously photoshopped/airbrushed Tony Ortega and Leah Remini




I was a die hard fan and supporter of Leah Remini for YEARS.   Loved the book she published, “Surviving Hollywood and Scientology”.  Or was it the other way around? Either way, I gave her a five star on that.

O.K., no secret I have little tolerance for anyone that chooses to profit off of other people’s misery for a living.  And there are many ways to profit off of other people’s misery.

I was glad to see Leah spend some of her star power to focus on becoming an activist against human trafficking under the banner of “religion”.

Then, I couldn’t help but notice that Leah was using her star power to endorse Tony Ortega, the former Editor in Chief of the Village Voice.

According to two New York City reputable publications focused on media, The Gawker and The Daily Cannibal,  Tony Ortega, along with Mike Lacey and James Larkin,  launched an international human/child sex trafficking syndicate cloaked under “First Amendment rights”.   They converted the Village Voice into a human trafficking syndicate using the classified section, Backpage, and claimed “freedom of the press”.

The situation wound it’s way to the halls of Washington under a Senate investigation, costing the U.S. taxpayers millions.




Leah Remini has a daughter.  She is twelve years old.

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The average age of child sex trafficking is 13.5.  According to reputable media publications, the Village Voice was supported by selling women, children, and drugs. That was Tony Ortega’s pay for over five years. Some as young as seven years old.




I wonder how Leah would feel to see her daughter being sold for sex on Backpage?

The truth is, she might be alright with it. I don’t know, and either does you. The illusion in Hollywood is thick.  This is the age of theater.

Leah has been complaining about religious cloaking and I recalled when she had her daughter baptized in the Catholic Church.  It was on 9/11 actually. Of 2015.




“Remini and her husband, Angelo Pagan, have begun to live their Catholic faith again. On Friday, Sept. 11, they took another definitive step towards the Church and baptized their daughter into the faith.”


Then today, someone wrote me to say Leah and her latest BFF/Partner/buddy/whatever Tony Ortega is, (on Twitter he appears to be her spokesperson/ chief of staff now) were on Twitter together stalking someone and bullying someone about suspected religious affiliations.  This has become a hobby in some corners.  Her tweet is not accurate information. Not even close.  She is also using her “star power” to misinform and mislead.



Not exactly the nice Catholic woman she appeared to be in the public relations flood of Catholic/Baptismal media I was showered with late 2015.  Bearing false witness is off code. How is that for religious cloaking? I hope the target of her assault and bullying arranges a temporary restraining order on her to illuminate the hypocrisy.

I don’t assume anymore. In the last several months I have seen Bruce Jenner become Kaitlyn, Donald Trump take over the White House, and Leah Remini partner up with a notorious child sex trafficker to produce her television special on hippies exploring the occult.  “Assuming” is an old tool that isn’t working for this species anymore.

Using the Catholic Church to boost your public relations and fan base, and complicit approval of child sex trafficking disqualifies me these days as a Leah Remini fan. I realize I am just a “nobody”.  And that Leah is a “somebody”.  That said, the reason people like Leah Remini become “somebody”, is because of all of the “nobodies” that find her amusing.  I for one, am no longer amused.  She has become the father she so bitterly described in her book.  Sadistic disregard for others. That includes the children and families victimized by Tony Ortega and Backpage.

It would be a step in the right the right direction if Leah and her husband could at least start claiming their children.  At least two of the ones Angelo was living with, along with their mother (his then wife), when he met Leah and then moved in with. Neither Leah or her husband claim any of Angelo’s three children, anywhere on their public relations sites. They are his children and her stepchildren. But they just don’t claim them.  They only claim the one they have together.  Publicly, the other two do not exist.   Unless they are used to support and promote an episode for Leah’s television series.


More evidence that children do not matter to these people if they get in the way of theater.  Unless they come in a supporting role as extras. The manner in which they promote themselves to the public is simply false.  They have children and step children they are not claiming or acknowledging.

In her book, Leah writes, ‘I am selfish and self-centered … have physically threatened people … my husband is a serial cheater and my mother was a slut.’   She wrote her father off as an abusive criminal. Who does her daughter have left to respect or be proud of?   A child sex trafficker Leah is endorsing on Twitter?