The Gawker Archives on Tony Ortega

Gawker was an American blog founded by Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers and based in New York City focusing on celebrities and the media industry. It was launched in January 2003.

Whereas the Village Voice was a paper for newly minted New Yorkers, meaning people that moved into New York with identity issues and bought the Paper to “be cool”,  the Gawker was a blog for New Yorkers.

The Gawker closed down in 2016 after thirteen years. The blog never catered to advertisers or “sold out”  for greed.  I was a regular reader and found it to be a straight forward New York smart blog.

I have had some difficulty lately finding certain issues they published.  As if the archives are being scrubbed.  If you follow any sequence at the Web Site you will notice some pages “Can’t be found”.

This has been frustrating me since I considered the reporting from that blog valuable information.   So being, I am taking the liberty to share some of the articles here for the purpose of preservation.

Tony Ortega Named ‘Voice’ Editor


03/05/07 04:21PM


The Observer announces that Tony Ortega, a former editor of Village Voice Media’s Broward-Palm Beach New Times, will take over at the Voice. He was formerly the managing editor of the company’s paper in Kansas City, The Pitch. The speedy announcement suggests that the Voice owners had a replacement for outgoing editor David Blum in the wings. Blum was let go on Friday.

UPDATE: The Voice press release has gone out, and they’ve cutely tried to tie Ortega to New York. “Ortega and his wife Fatimah, who is from Jakarta, Indonesia, are looking forward to reacquainting themselves with New York, where Ortega remembers—with no small amount of nostalgia—his days as an LA punk attending shows at CBGB and the Peppermint Lounge. Ortega no longer has a mohawk and is looking forward to leading the Village Voice.” Ah, we see: L.A. boy comes to New York, washes out. We’re on to him already. Better luck this time, dude!

New Village Voice Editor Is Tony Ortega [NY Observer]

Followed up on The Observer


New [em]Voice[/em] Editor Ortega: “Why Would I Hesitate?”

“I’m trying not to worry about all that crap on Gawker,” said Tony Ortega, the newly named editor in chief of the Village Voice. “I don’t feel it reflects the people and the work there.”

On Mar. 4, two days after the previous editor in chief, David Blum, was fired, Village Voice Media boss Michael Lacey called Ortega up and offered him the job. Despite four editors’ worth of turnover since January 2006, when New Times purchased the paper and took the Village Voice Media name, Ortega decided to accept.

“Why would I hesitate?” Ortega asked. “It’s the Village Voice. It’s a terrific newspaper with a storied past, and what journalist wouldn’t want to do it?”

“I’m sure this will be criticized since I’m not a New Yorker,” said Ortega. Ortega said he’s looking forward to learning from the Voice‘s staff.

What about his relationship with Lacey, who’s often accused of micromanaging the newspaper from Phoenix?

“I never really had that problem with him,” said Ortega. “I’ve always had complete freedom to do what I wanted.” Ortega has worked for Lacey at multiple New Times papers, most recently as the top editor at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.

He will greet his new staff on Friday, Mar. 9. (2007)

“I’m a half-Mexican kid from L.A. without New York experience,” Ortega said. “We’ll just see.”

Michael Calderone