The Purpose of Life


Is to move stuff around.

Not, to “be careful”.  Mistakes are for learning. Make mistakes.

You wake in the morning, and move your eye lids open. You move your body to the refrigerator or shower.  You move to the phones or office or workplace.  You move papers, dirt, food, houses, money, bricks, people and many other things.

You move your car through traffic. You move money into your accounts or out of your accounts.  You move yourself and others in or out of houses. In or out of the city.

You move your dog to the back yard.  You move the trash out. You move to the table and move food to your mouth.

You move things all around all day long and then go back to sleep so you can wake up the next day and move things around again.

You can move around invisible stuff, ideas and attitudes. Knowledge, stories and dreams. Music. Information.

A farmer is incredible with magic. he can drop little seeds in the ground and make new things appear. Then spread that stuff all over the world. Amazing.

A cook can sit five things on the counter and turn them all into something new. Magic. Making pleasure for others.

The more pleasure and joy, good and valuable information,  you give to others moving stuff around, the more you can move around because people want it. If you are appealing to the being.

You can move people around or you can be moved around. This is cause and effect. Both can be good. It is just good to know what is happening when it happens. And what your position is in it. And why. Even within the invisible.

It is all that simple.

People become upset when they are moved against their will, or can not move when they want to. Or when there is nothing to move around.

The purpose of prisons, or make shift prisons, is to stop people from moving things around, and place people where others can move them around.

A group can be a prison with out the group member ever knowing they are in one.

People who are obsessed with stopping others from moving things around, are prison wardens.  Meanwhile they want to move everyone around. Laughter!

It is good to know who is obsessed with stopping movement. Who is moving you.  And who you are moving or preventing from moving.

Anyone put on a routing form is under some one else’s control.

Anyone that is under someone else for information or direction, is under someone else’s control.

One of the reasons Marty Rathbun became feared by Miscavige, is that he pushed people to have SELF control.  This is why he did not arrange a herd to manage and move around under him.

It has been difficult to watch people he encouraged, to be under their own control,  trust them selves, and be self determined, rustled back up and put under control in new herds.

But whatever.  Everyone has their own comfort zone. Many folk become accustomed to the safety net of government within a family, and under a mom and pop.  Leaving a womb can be overwhelming , even a terrifying, experience.