The Purpose of Amnesia



If you “forget”, you will not correct or learn from your mistakes. And you will therefore repeat them in a loop.  As you become less and less intelligent and battered.

When I did write overts and with holds, I viewed it as a review. Not a shaming cycle. In the rear view mirror, one sees things very, very differently.  You can acknowledge your own mistakes and forward your education by reviewing the mistakes you have made. Of course, in truth, you do not have to write something down to remember it. And you do not have to tell someone else to learn from your mistakes. If  you do not watch your step and you slip on ice, you do not have to go write it down and tell someone else so you can learn to be more cautious.

I went through the review cycles likewise:

Time. Can mean a lot of different things. Whatever time was to you at that moment. It is the words that have the meaning.

Sun half up.

At sundown.

When I was in love.

In The fourth moon around the sun in the fifth evolution. Etc etc etc.

It does not always mean, “half past one”.  It can be, the year 35, 097.8.  Fourth sun in second moon. 789th birth. However you were filing records in that time folder, at the time.

Place. Can be whatever idea comes to mind. Here. There. Connecticut. 879 Westport Drive. Fifth galaxy distanced from the sixth moon. It is whatever it is.

Form. Theft. Betrayal. Injustice. whatever aligns with your own moral codes then or then and now.

Event. I included, consequences.  Which I have never seen someone else do. But it is part of the event so I do not know why people omit it. For instance:

Time:  September 13, 1963.

Place: The Beach.

Form: Stole someone’s beach towel.

Event:  Was wet with no towel, noticed one unused and appropriated it for myself. That was resourceful, however, probably upset the person who left it there in trust and violated their reality on trust and reduced their ARC for the world. Made the world a little less secure. Made someone wrong for thinking the world was a safe space. Therefore, reduced ARC in this world.

These are only recollections of mistakes. Overts and with holds. But as one can recall them, one can recall mistakes, evolve in education, and then not repeat them.

Oh, there are so many things that can contribute to amnesia. Ego. Self importance. Motivators. Finances. Regard for self and none for others. Status, rank and royalty. Ratings!  Revenge and retaliation. Motive! One can go on and on. Even hunger and poverty.

Never the less,  when it is convenient or profitable to “forget”.  We begin to subscribe to amnesia and commit to repeating the same mistakes. And therefore, relive the same incidents, lives, circumstances, consequences and losses.

The purpose of amnesia, it to cause you to repeat the same mistakes. Over, and over and over in a loop.

The purpose of “confession” or personal acknowledgement of your causes, in a truly religious setting, is not to obtain intel to control you. It is to help you recall so you can learn, and not repeat the same mistake. I have been around long enough to see people go through the same loop within the same year.

One definition of insanity, is repeating the same mistake over and over and expecting a different result. This condition is created from a learning disability.  At the bottom of that is amnesia.

And this amnesia can flow on a negative and a positive.

“I have no idea why I married that person”,  “Don’t have any idea what I saw in her”, “Spent 20 years on self exploration and really never needed it to begin with”, “Wrote forty two success stories and never had a gain”.  “I remember everyone else is stupid.”

When you see people devoted to humiliating others, you see people pushing this, “Let’s all forget” button. Because sometimes living and having a life, is not easy. The more you see a witch hunter out there punishing others for their mistakes, the less anyone  society is willing to admit their mistakes. And we do see people who seem to remember every detail of other’s mistakes and none of their own. So the memory is selective. No one should have to apologize for having a life. And that is going to mean, making some mistakes. And if people are not living to learn, what are they living for?  To deny having lived a life? Apparently so. Not admitting you have lives, or complaining that you have lived, is denying your own education.

And you end up at the end of line, with a society wholly amnesiac. I can assure you, there is absolutely nothing “normal” about not remembering how you arrived in this section of the universe, and why and how.

Implanting people with false memories, is another way to cause them to “forget”.

The Biblical tale of Eve eating an apple “to know”, causing  expulsion from heaven and into hell for mankind, is policy to not recall one’s mistakes. No mention of Hell by the way in any Bible except the new testament.

But if Hell isn’t repeating the same mistakes over and over again, and expecting a different result,I don’t know what is.