Karma, Survivor’s Guilt, and Euthanasia



Karma is an appraisal not done entirely by the being himself. Otherwise there would never be a protest read about anything or anyone.

It is woven within the laws of this universe and it’s various unseen forces.  One may trust Karma , and even come to know it as a friend. Not an enemy to fear.

Euthanasia is painless death.

One very covert method of harming another, is sucking them into a motivator flow. Prompting them to harm you or, “retaliate”. Having them think they are cause, when they are at effect.

A person publishes false information or reports, bears false witness, attacks or slanders someone unjustly, sets them up for a loss, or their family up for a loss, the target responds.  Or retaliates. In other words, accepts an invitation to harm attack and/or suppress in retaliation.  I do not think Hubbard got it right with his, “price of freedom” quote.  He lived like a refugee and his wife was imprisoned on that philosophy.   Constant alertness is required,  but fighting back on a glue baby only bonds you.

At this point, the person who laid the trap, goes into a victim act. And has new motive to harm attack and suppress.

Meanwhile they have sucked the target down into an enemy condition. A lower condition. As the person has been sucked into their motivator flow. And has become malevolent and therefore even attracts, malevolent forces.

In writing about power being able to hold a condition in space,  part of that means not needing to respond.  Not being pulled into the malevolence of an enemy condition.

One need not worry about justice in this section of the universe. No matter how remote it may appear,  no one truly escapes karma.  Dabbling in injustice always recoils.

The most cunning will have people attacking projections.  Imagine a person standing behind the projector in a movie theater.  People are yelling at the movie screen as they get excited,  not the person projecting the ideas.  These are also cunning at setting up others to do the damage, and take the hits. People find themselves swiping at the projections. The pawns that were restimulated and prompted to harm attack and suppress. The puppets.

You see children at a puppet show, and they really do address the puppets.  They even chatter back and forth with them.

People skilled at giving others wrong items, wrong indications, are open to having this experience , sometimes begging for this experience, to happen to them. In places and people where you see the most disturbance, you will find people that will violently reject a right item or a right indication.

They themselves, have been sucked into their own motivator flow.

Food that is no longer edible, bodies that are no longer usable, decompose.  So do beings.  One need never slide down an avenue open for one to harm attack or suppress or another. It is natural law that justice is a potent force on this Earth, and all people create their own justice.  If you look clearly enough, you will always see it right before your eyes.  And if you try to interfere with it, through some kind of well meaning, mercy or sympathy, you are obstructing justice. Even mercy.

At the end of the day, it is a mercy death, to live and die with lies, for some people. Euthanasia. It is merciful.

And the Grimm Reaper, not always violent.  Is so often, gentle and comforting.