Sympathy Is Not Low Toned.


One wrong indication in the Scientology culture, and why it has become so anti symbiotic and treasonous, is that sympathy is frowned upon as “low toned”.

Sympathy is actually the result of an ability and perception. It is the ability to extend yourself into someone else’s space and live what they are living and feel what they are feeling. To BE them.

Along with feeling their loss, pain and suffering, comes the reward of feeling their victory, pleasure, joy and happiness.

Sympathy is the result of an ability, just like happiness is when you extend yourself and feel another person’s joy.

People who do not have this ability, or these perceptions can do things and seem evil when they are just standing with a handicap. Consequences in others are not felt so they are just not in the person’s vision. If they could feel the effects they create in others, they would be different people.

Often, this seems to even give them an added advantage in life. It is not always easy when you can move into the people in front of you and be them. It can range from agony to ecstasy. And everything in between. But in those times they are you and you are them.

This is not low toned. And it can not be only low toned when you feel their pain and therefore have sympathy.

I have a right to care about other people and take care of them. I have a right to say something about injustice and not contribute to it. This is symbiosis.

Many animals have this capability.  It is symbiosis.  Some humans do not.  They are anti symbiotic.  A spider can catch a fly in it’s web and watch it squirm until it dies. Sometimes, start to munch on it when it is still alive.  This is survival for spiders, not for humans.

We Have To Stop Killing For A Living And Meaning.





We are no longer part of some Viking Tribe that is raiding.

Nobody is stealing our jobs, they take the ones that we will not do.

Thirteen wars at 14.2 trillion dollars in the last three decades is what has depleted our resources in the United States.

Raising money for wars or war chests is what is putting all people in poverty.

We can not keep killing for a living.

Making a living, killing off cultures and ethnic cleansing, and ideas, is destroying this species.  All hatred eventually becomes self hatred.

We have to stop killing for a living. It is not even profitable any more. We have crossed that line.

People please, come into reason and present time with common sense.

The Age of Theater


It has occurred to me over the last few years, that we are living in , “The Age of Theater”.

This is the age of theater.

The information being spread through this new age, it travels fast and there is always something even more interesting to watch. Out of sight out of mind, is how it is going. You do get people stuck on series, until a new one is launched. But you don’t even see long running weekly television shows anymore. It’s all bang and boom, ……  next?

If Charles Manson’s act was moved into today’s world to unfold, you might hear about it for a week.

Nude photos of the future first lady were spread all over the New York Post. Forgotten in a few days.

Trump’s 13 year old rape accuser, buried in a week.

There are so many television and movie celebrities, I don’t know who most of them are when Yahoo streams downward on my monitor. People become world famous over night and then forgotten in a week.

The good thing about this, is that people are staying more in present time with current events, and not becoming hung up in, “the past”.

There is no scarcity of viewing material or theater figures anymore. The information doesn’t even stick. People do not get so star struck like they used to. The comments sections of news articles about celebrities, is full of harsh criticisms from the ill willed and sadistic.

You have to be willing to be publicly slandered, mauled, humiliated and degraded, beaten, and your children mauled with you, to want to step on the front lines with some offering. My own kids, are even burdened unjustly with false reports and slander published against myself. And I know other parents have been and are, tortured this way. It can be made into a violent theater.

I think, understanding that this is the age of theater, the best way to navigate it and prosper from it, is to create even more platforms where people can contribute to the theater, communicate and perform. And the personal flow of knowledge is made even wider, and there is not a monopoly on it.

But have and place those platforms at grass roots level, so it becomes the grass roots power again. Because it used to be, entertainers were very common folk. Not ivory tower people. That happened in a scarcity of figures after television was launched.

There are many intelligent , gifted and interesting people, bright young people running around, that aren’t hams. They don’t want to get in front of a camera or become dependent on approval from others. And if they are given the right platform, I think they will step up and we will see the quality of information and knowledge, come up with them.

I am working now with software engineers, on launching  two of those media platforms, but the first one isn’t going to hit the streets until next year. These are massive undertakings with technology and programming.  The technically inclined,  the mathematically inclined, are the new producers.

As much as we are offered twisted “entertainment”, or “news”, shock values, conveying biased messages and strict hidden agendas, blatant lies, and as repelling as it may seem to watch your fellow man duped, slandered, mislead and exploited, the age of theater is only beginning.

As shoddy as it may seem today, I have a gut feeling this will evolve into something highly beneficial and put a power into people they did not have before with communication and ideas. And we will see something really magical and beneficial evolve from this. Where people can know how to know. Instead of knowing how to hate.


Sadistic Personality Disorder




This disorder is characterized by cruel, aggressive, manipulative, and demeaning behavior directed towards others. Abusiveness and violence are common in the sadist’s social relationships, because the sadist lacks concern for people and derives pleasure from harming or humiliating others.

There are similarities between sadistic PD and the more aggressive antisocial PD, however, the antisocial person does not generally hurt others just for pleasure. There may also be an association between sadistic PD and sexual sadism, in which the person derives sexual arousal and satisfaction from sadistic acts like beating and humiliating someone.

Maladaptive (not providing adequate or appropriate adjustment to the environment or situation) patterns of motivated behavior, usually evident for at least several years.

Enduring, pervasive, maladaptive patterns of behavior which are usually recognized before or during adolescence.

It is long-standing and its onset can be traced to adolescence or early adulthood, but is not due to drugs (of abuse or medication) or to a medical condition eg head injury.

The behavior pattern is inflexible across all personal and social situations and significantly impairs their social or occupational functioning.

Has used physical cruelty or violence for the purpose of establishing dominance in a relationship (not merely to achieve some noninterpersonal goal, such as striking someone in order to rob him or her).

Humiliates or demeans people in the presence of others,

Has treated or disciplined someone under his or her control unusually harshly, e.g., a child, student, prisoner, subordinate or patient,

Is amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others (including animals),

Has lied for the purpose of harming or inflicting pain on others (not merely to achieve some other goal).

Gets other people to do what her or she wants by frightening them (through intimidation or even terror).

Restricts the autonomy of people with whom he or she has a close relationship, e.g., will not let spouse leave the house unaccompanied or permit teen-age daughter to attend social functions.

Is fascinated by violence, weapons, martial arts, injury, or torture.


Well, this blows the charge for me.

Virtues That Made America Great


                                Courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood.


Theodore Roosevelt said it best.

“Everything is un-American, that tends either to government by a
plutocracy (The elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth, status or resources.) or government by a mob. To divide along the lines of section or caste or creed is un-American. All privileges based on wealth, and all enmity (the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.) to honest men, merely because they are wealthy, are un-American – both of them equally so. Americanism means the virtues of courage, honor, justice, truth, sincerity, and hardihood – the virtues that made America.”

Theodore Roosevelt letter to S.S. Menken, 1917

Witch Hunts are un-American. Because they always create goals that involve harming attacking and suppressing or destroying, fellow Americans. Or fellow man. When they are whipped up with false reports and by bearing false witness, this is sabotage to the effort, blood sweat and tears, others laid down to make this country a safe and inhabitable space.

Our ancestors are people that flocked to this space for safety, opportunity and freedom. Often fleeing oppression for their caste, status, religious beliefs and their lives.

Those who would work to create conditions here, that people might need to flee from, because they are no longer safe,  do not deserve the platforms built for them on the backs of the women that broke this Earth with the blood they spilled in child birth.

Some folk may have no ancestors in America to honor, no children to leave a better world to. These trusts may not matter to them. But they have other trusts that include leaving this world in a better place than the way they found it. Those trusts also include not dishonoring my ancestors, who’s blood has spilled from East to West.  And not making this world darker for my children and their children.

There is no more Earth to flee to.  America was, the last chance Texaco.

Our enemies and cancers are within.  The way to keep the rest and best alive,  living with promise and hope, is to educate so they can have a fair shot at surviving.  And so they do do not become unsuspecting pawns for those that effort to make the world a darker place. And mis-educate through discouragement,  dishonor, injustice, false reports and bearing false witness, insincerity and sloth.

It is actually easier to make a good memory than a bad one.  Takes less effort to tell the truth than to manufacture lies through half truths and partial truths and false reports.


Excerpt from the speech “Citizenship In A Republic” delivered at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France on 23 April, 1910  Theodore Roosevelt

“But if a man’s efficiency is not guided and regulated by a moral sense, then the more efficient he is the worse he is, the more dangerous to the body politic.

Courage, intellect, all the masterful qualities, serve but to make a man more evil if they are merely used for that man’s own advancement, with brutal indifference to the rights of others.

It speaks ill for the community if the community worships these qualities and treats their possessors as heroes regardless of whether the qualities are used rightly or wrongly.

It makes no difference as to the precise way in which this sinister efficiency is shown. It makes no difference whether such a man’s force and ability betray themselves in a career of money-maker or politician, soldier or orator, journalist or popular leader. If the man works for evil, then the more successful he is the more he should be despised and condemned by all upright and far-seeing men.

To judge a man merely by success is an abhorrent wrong; and if the people at large habitually so judge men, if they grow to condone wickedness because the wicked man triumphs, they show their inability to understand that in the last analysis free institutions rest upon the character of citizenship, and that by such admiration of evil they prove themselves unfit for liberty.”




Sadism and Everyday Sadists




  1. the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.
    • (in general use) deliberate cruelty.


Sadism is very bubbly in social intercourse these days.  It is often overlooked as a sexual  category.  But it is very much an every day social intercourse category.

Just as careful studies have come to understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder,  social science long ago recognized and defined ,  Sadistic Personality Disorder.


Sadistic Personality Disorder

This disorder is characterized by cruel, aggressive, manipulative, and demeaning behavior directed towards others. Abusiveness and violence are common in the sadist’s social relationships, because the sadist lacks concern for people and derives pleasure from harming or humiliating others. Or setting others up for losses.
Sadistic personality disorder was once defined as a mental illness, but over time, sadism is come to be considered more of a lifestyle choice or a personality quirk or trait.
While most people try to avoid hurting others — and will feel guilty, remorseful, and distressed if they do hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally — an everyday sadist enjoys being cruel and may find it exciting.
Listed below are the types of various social sadists we seem to tolerate in society without much alarm:

Explosive sadist. When disappointed and/or frustrated with their lives, humiliated or hopeless, they lose control and seek revenge for the mistreatment to which they feel subjected. They are known for being unpredictably violent. This manifests through tantrums, fearsome attacks on others, especially family members, and uncontrollable rage.

Tyrannical sadist. They are frightening and cruel because they appear to relish the act of menacing and brutalizing others; forcing their victims to cower and submit gives them satisfaction.

Enforcing sadist. They tend to be military sergeants, deans of universities, prison overseers, police officers or people with other authoritative functions who feel they should be the ones controlling and punishing people who have broken rules, regulations or laws.

The Sea Organization would attract such personalities under the banner of, “Putting ethics in on the planet.”  And then under any other policing banner available.

Spineless sadist. They are typically deeply insecure and act like cowards. In anticipation of real danger, they project their hostile fantasies and strike first, hoping thereby to forestall their antagonist and ask questions later. They use aggressive hostility to send the message to others that they aren’t intimidated or fearful, so that they can control their inner feelings and display the exact opposite of how they actually feel. They seek out scapegoats to gang up on, which allows them to assault the exact things that exist within themselves that they want to deny.

Everyday sadist. There is a renewed interest in studying subclinical sadism as a personality trait, said Walfish. Subclinical psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism, and everyday sadism form the so-called “Dark Tetrad” of personality.

“These people aren’t necessarily serial killers or sexual deviants but they gain some emotional benefit in causing or simply observing others’ suffering,” said Walfish.

“The type of person the study is referring to are, for instance, the co-worker who repeatedly humiliates you and smiles or appears to reap pleasure from hurting you. If you self-advocate and say something that inflames your co-worker, she retaliates with evil revenge, further humiliating you.”

Your average person out here does not feel good to see someone harmed attacked suppressed stalked and humiliated in an attempt to nullify them or socially torture them.

Current social studies list various possible causes for these disorders.

One part of the clearing course platens, and why I became so dismayed to discover these had been wholly buried long ago, not even shown to folks attesting to clear, the “Confusion” GPM implant, deals with sadistic goals and purposes.  And for certain, most social sadists seem to be parked in a condition of confusion.



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Etc etc etc.

Sadism is addressed directly and from different angles on the various upper level platens.

So, there has been some awareness of it as a social purpose. But a being would need to be in a low condition of at best, enemy, to be parked there.

If you find you are not “blending in” with an ethnic cleansing group or a hate group, it could be that you well have no such personality dis order. And therefore would not be able to run with the herd.

Most magic,  was created for the lonely.  You do have to be holy lonely to see it. To go inside yourself and find a place where anything is possible. Magic has never been and never will be, a group dynamic.  It can only flow between two terminals.



The Purpose of Life


Is to move stuff around.

Not, to “be careful”.  Mistakes are for learning. Make mistakes.

You wake in the morning, and move your eye lids open. You move your body to the refrigerator or shower.  You move to the phones or office or workplace.  You move papers, dirt, food, houses, money, bricks, people and many other things.

You move your car through traffic. You move money into your accounts or out of your accounts.  You move yourself and others in or out of houses. In or out of the city.

You move your dog to the back yard.  You move the trash out. You move to the table and move food to your mouth.

You move things all around all day long and then go back to sleep so you can wake up the next day and move things around again.

You can move around invisible stuff, ideas and attitudes. Knowledge, stories and dreams. Music. Information.

A farmer is incredible with magic. he can drop little seeds in the ground and make new things appear. Then spread that stuff all over the world. Amazing.

A cook can sit five things on the counter and turn them all into something new. Magic. Making pleasure for others.

The more pleasure and joy, good and valuable information,  you give to others moving stuff around, the more you can move around because people want it. If you are appealing to the being.

You can move people around or you can be moved around. This is cause and effect. Both can be good. It is just good to know what is happening when it happens. And what your position is in it. And why. Even within the invisible.

It is all that simple.

People become upset when they are moved against their will, or can not move when they want to. Or when there is nothing to move around.

The purpose of prisons, or make shift prisons, is to stop people from moving things around, and place people where others can move them around.

A group can be a prison with out the group member ever knowing they are in one.

People who are obsessed with stopping others from moving things around, are prison wardens.  Meanwhile they want to move everyone around. Laughter!

It is good to know who is obsessed with stopping movement. Who is moving you.  And who you are moving or preventing from moving.

Anyone put on a routing form is under some one else’s control.

Anyone that is under someone else for information or direction, is under someone else’s control.

One of the reasons Marty Rathbun became feared by Miscavige, is that he pushed people to have SELF control.  This is why he did not arrange a herd to manage and move around under him.

It has been difficult to watch people he encouraged, to be under their own control,  trust them selves, and be self determined, rustled back up and put under control in new herds.

But whatever.  Everyone has their own comfort zone. Many folk become accustomed to the safety net of government within a family, and under a mom and pop.  Leaving a womb can be overwhelming , even a terrifying, experience.